Advertising in baseball stadiums

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Scoreboards – What does it Cost to Advertise at Sporting Events?

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A look at how Big Tobacco infiltrated baseball

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Scoreboards – What does it Cost to Advertise at Sporting Events?

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Yankee Stadium, The Polo Grounds, Griffith Stadium, Wrigley Field, and countless other homes for Major League franchises often stir up indelible memories.

Baseball is considered to be America’s favorite pastime and has become popular all over the world. This sport is watched by millions of people every time there is a game played. People will go to the stadiums to watch and a lot of fans will watch the game on television.


Since there are so many. Stadium Advertising refers to advertising at sports venues of all kinds. These could be Professional, Amatuer, College, High School, etc. The traditional sports arenas come to mind such as Football, Baseball & Cricket Stadiums, Soccer & Rugby Fields, as well as Hockey & Basketball Arenas.

Tobacco usage in sport is a well documented and publicised occurrence. The tobacco advertising prohibition actBaseball stadiums have stricter tobacco policies for patrons as well though the level of strictness varies per stadium. Big Tobacco heavily invested in using tactics to link tobacco with baseball, including in-game promotions, stadium advertising and creating baseball cards.

Can tobacco companies advertise at baseball stadiums? A trip to the ballpark, especially in the s and the years following, often included a good view of a tobacco ad. Technology is making advertising much easier in baseball stadiums and the use of green screens is really starting to take off.

Greens screens are only visible to fans watching the game on television, but are very useful due to how easy it is to switch an advertisement during an inning of the game.

Advertising in baseball stadiums
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