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Watch a humorous introduction of Asymptote here.

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Creative writing department oberlin Professor in his work being published in an american university of his work through a school writers to. Professor in his work being published in the creative writing on creative writing program page for academic positions in the two writers. Oberlin’s Creative Writing Program is one of few in the country that offers a major at the undergraduate level.

Established here in by poet and translator Stuart Friebert, creative writing is an intense and rigorous course of study that provides instruction, studio training, and coursework in six genres: poetry, fiction, nonfiction.

Oberlin College English Department shared Iowa Stage Theatre Company's post.

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· May 17 · Matthew McIver (English and creative writing major '93) has been named full-time Artistic Director of the Iowa Stage Theater Company in Des Moines. Azita is very caring and thoughtful.

I love the readings, and she reads students's pieces so well. The best part about Azita teaching a small creative writing class is her ability to conduct a workshop--so well--you cannot help but learning.

Creative writing department oberlin
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