Enthesis organ anatomy

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Synovial bursa

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Dr Hannah Shaw

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Diagnositic value of pelvic enthesitis on MRI of the sacroiliac joints in enthesitis related arthritis. Tendon Vasculature in Health and Disease. An illustrative and well described example for the anatomy of tendon vascularization is the rotator cuff, a group of four muscles and the connected tendons moving and stabilizing the glenohumeral joint.

Another area often affected is the adult enthesis organ that connects tendons with bone. The “enthesis organ” concept and its relevance to foot and ankle pathology: a The “enthesis organ” concept and its relevance to foot and ankle pathology: a literature review.

Ultrasound in the evaluation of enthesitis: status and perspectives Ultrasound in the evaluation of enthesitis: status and perspectives.

Tensegrity to Tendinosis. By (This article and the one above by Shaw HM unify the gross anatomy down to the cellular components of the enthesis. The anatomy images are worth looking at.) 13 Shaw H, et al. The innervation of the enthesis organ of the rat Achilles tendon.

J Anat. ; 14 Ciarletta P, et al. Enthesis Anatomy & Physiology Historically, all entheses have long been considered as focal attachments to bone. However, it is increasingly recognised that in many cases the enthesis is really just part of an enthesis organ. An organ is a group of related tissues that function together to.

Entheses are points where tendons and ligaments attach to the bone. Enthesopathy is a condition that affects your entheses. This condition causes your entheses to swell, become inflamed or get irritated.

Enthesis organ anatomy
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The Enthesis Organ