Max perutz science writing award 2015 email

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The Max Perutz science writing award

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A 'smart' way to spot schizophrenia signs

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Whichever lies at the end of the new brick road?. The Max Perutz Award, which is in its 18 th year asks MRC-funded PhD students to write up to words about their research and why it matters in a way that would interest a non-scientific audience.

Since the competition started inhundreds of researchers have submitted entries and taken their first steps in science communication. The Max Perutz Science Writing Award opens to MRC-funded PhD students on 12 May and closes at on the 22 June Read more about the life of Max Perutz in Georgina Ferry’s biography Max Perutz and the Secret of Life.

Max Perutz Science Writing Award The Max Perutz Science Writing Award aims to encourage and recognise outstanding written communication among Medical Research Council (MRC) PhD.

Emily Eisner, winner of the MRC's Max Perutz Science Writing Awardis investigating how smartphone technology might help identify those at risk of a psychotic episode.

Max Perutz Science Writing Award 2015 – winner announced

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Max Perutz

Robin Perutz, his son, narrated this to us in a room at the Royal Institution in London, lined from ceiling to floor with grand hardbound academic journals, decades in the making.

It was the 20 th Max Perutz Science Writing Award ceremony and I was a shortlister.

Max Perutz Science Writing Award 2016

When Hitler took over Austria in Perutz's parents managed to escape to Switzerland, but lost all of their money.

As a result Perutz lost their financial support. With his ability to ski, experience in mountaineering since childhood and his knowledge of crystals Perutz was accepted as a member.

Max perutz science writing award 2015 email
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A love affair with science writing: The Max Perutz Award – The Almost Psychologist