Principal speech on annual prize distribution function

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English Essay - Prize Distribution Function in Your School

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A Prize Distribution Function. A Prize Distribution Function: Prize distribution is one of the most important functions of a school. It is a memorable event in.

Jan 15,  · The occassion is a school annual function in which a new school building will be inaugurated, meritorious students of the previous year will be felicitated.

Article shared by. The Annual Prize Distribution function of our school was held last Monday. Mr. Prem Kumar the Deputy Commissioner was the chief guest. The function started at am sharp.

All the students, teachers and prize winners and their parents and other prominent citizens had already occupied their seats in the hall. Sample Speech in English for Prize Distribution. To start with the greatest name of Allah Almighty, most gracious and most merciful.

I on behalf of the whole staff members welcome you all to the (insert the number of the term) result distribution a warm welcome to today’s chief guest (insert the name here).

For instance, the individual may locate video recordings of previous Prize Distribution days for tips and pointers. Most professionals recommend that the speech is short and to the point. Aug 16,  · Prize distribution in college Outlines Introduction.

1-Preparation. 2-Chief guest. 3-The visitors. 4-Speech of the principal. 5-Cultural program. 6-Distribution of prizes by chief guest. Prize Distribution Function is important in the life of a college. It comes only' once in a year.

The prize giving function of the college was.

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