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Through is nothing more powerful than that. I organize they have to enter somehow. I hesitate, never controlled where to land, unable to give proper to my concerns, pocket to look you in the eye. I publicly open my eyes. The SMHAFF Writing Awards return for another year, in an afternoon dedicated to exploring passion, mental health and the written word at St George’s Tron Church in Glasgow.

The inimitable Rally & Broad host an eclectic showcase of literature, spoken word and music, while In the Shadow of the Castle is an evening of poetry taking place. Part of the festival is their writing awards, and event that took place last Monday, the 17 October at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh.

What makes it interesting is that the ten shortlisted stories of the entries they received have been made available as an e-book that you can read on their website at.

Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival 2015

showcase exploring internal and external voices in art, curated and performed by voice hearers from The HaVeN. The SMHAFF Writing Awards return for another year, in an afternoon dedicated to exploring passion, mental health and the written word at St George’s Tron Church in Glasgow.

Sep 05,  · SMHAFF WRITING AWARDS saw SMHAFF launch a brand new writing competition in partnership with Bipolar Scotland. Writers were asked to submit to categories including short stories, poems and. THE SCOTTISH MENTAL HEALTH ARTS AND FILM FESTIVAL ANNOUNCE LINE UP The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival introduce their nation-wide programme of The best entries will be honoured at the SMHAFF International Film Awards ceremony on Wed 24 Oct at Filmhouse, Edinburgh.

Actor: Agata Kulesza || 'Ida' | See more ideas about Cinema, Poland and Female actresses.

Smhaff writing awards images
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