Write a c program for selection sort using functions php

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C# Sharp Exercises: Sort elements of array in ascending order

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Selection Sort in C & C++ – Program & Algorithm

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C++ Program Selection Sort

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C# Sharp programming, exercises, solution: Write a program in C# Sharp to sort elements of array in ascending order. In this tutorial I will explain about algorithm for selection sort in C and C++ using program example.

One of the simplest techniques is a selection sort. As the name suggests, selection sort is the selection of an element and keeping it in sorted order. This C Program implements selection sort method using functions. Selection sort is among the simplest of sorting techniques.

It works as follows: first find the smallest in the array and exchange it with the element in the first position, then find the second smallest element and exchange it with the element in the second position, and continue in this.

In this program, a structure (student) is created which contains name,subject and marks as its data member.

Sorting algorithms/Selection sort

Then, an array of structure of 10 elements is created. Implementing Selection Sort Algorithm. In the C program below, we have tried to divide the program into small functions, so that it's easier fo you to .

Write a c program for selection sort using functions php
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C Program to Implement Selection Sort Method using Functions - Sanfoundry