Write aleena in arabic

Pakistani name

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How To Teach Arabic?

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If you do not see the name you want, we do not have it. Consider visiting our Special Names page for songs that can be used for most people. If you need a different spelling of a name that you see here, you can download it and rename it or you can write to us. Jun 03,  · Could someone please tell me how do you write ALEENA in Arabic.

Urdu Names

I think it means beautiful. Does it begin with "Alif" or "Ain" in Arabic?Status: Resolved. I want to know the meaning of girl name Anabia and also want to know can I give this name to my daughter as someone told me that this is not a name.

I want to know the meaning of girl name Anabia and also want to know can I give this name to my daughter as someone told me that this is not a name. and someone told me that this is an Arabic.

Sep 23,  · Islamophobia didn't start on 9/ It's rooted in one of America's oldest prejudices -- and it's more dangerous than you think. Complete list of Muslim/Islamaic baby names and Arabic names. Naming a child with a beautiful and honourable name is very important in Islam.

Urdu names are used in Pakistan and India. the meaning is anything from the name's write-up that is surrounded by "double quotes" separate search terms with spaces; search for an exact phrase by surrounding it with double quotes; Means "praiseworthy", derived from Arabic.

Write aleena in arabic
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Meaning of Name Aleena