Writing assembly code in gcc moodle

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Writing a boot loader in Assembly and C - Part 1

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Event the name in the other template by enclosing it in reverse brackets i. Writing ARM Assembly code. up vote 19 down vote favorite.

7. If you want to write only small snippets embedded in C code, than gcc is indeed what you are looking for. Examples of how to use the asm directive in C see inline asm reference at: ARM GCC Inline Assembler Cookbook. The best documentation I could find is the avr-gcc assembler modellervefiyatlar.com explains that: One can use the interrupt vectors using the modellervefiyatlar.com order to do it without external libraries, one can reference the source, as Brett Hale suggested.

For basic asm with non-empty assembler string GCC assumes the assembler block does not change any general purpose registers, but it may read or write any globally accessible variable. Here is an example of basic asm for i You may place multiple assembler instructions together in a single asm string, separated by the characters normally used in assembly code for the system.

A combination that works in most places is a newline to break the line, plus a tab character to move to the instruction field (written as ‘ \n\t ’).

The GNU C compiler for ARM RISC processors offers, to embed assembly language code into C programs.


This cool feature may be used for manually optimizing time critical parts of the software or to use specific processor instruction, which are not available in the C language.

It's assumed, that you are familiar with writing ARM assembler programs, because this is not an ARM assembler programming. Introduction. I consider this article to be an introduction on writing a boot loader in C and Assembly and I did not want to get into performance comparisons against code written in C and Assembly in terms of writing a boot loader.

Writing assembly code in gcc moodle
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